We’ve Got To Walk

What if we were to say it out loud? What if we really did say to each other: “I love you”, “I’m proud of you”.





Awards and nominations

EBU Format Awards – Best Format (winner)



This series is about the highs and the lows, and how we feel about them. Why wait to talk about the things that matter most?

Already recommissioned for a second series We’ve Got To Walk jumpstarts the conversation. A host visits famous people at home and asks them hundreds of questions about their bond with one of their parents or children.  The host then pays a visit to the parent or child in question, to ask them the same questions.

A few days later, they take a long walk together in nature, a beautiful backdrop for an incredible moment, a journey of sorts. Because walking literally moves conversations along.  Before they set off the duo are handed earbuds. During the walk they will hear fragments from each others interview. Chosen because they reveal something to the other. Things that have gone unsaid for too long. It’s exciting, it’s funny…  and of course very emotional.

As a viewer, you can’t help but think about your relationship with your own parents or children and think: maybe we’ve got to walk.


Winner - Best Format 2023