Life in Colour

met Karine Claassen

This docu-series throws taboos overboard and openly discusses racism in our educational system, the justice system, media, and all of us.


Karel Van Mileghem


5 x 45′



Awards & Nominations

Ensors – Best Documentary (winner)

Prix Europa



Throughout five episodes Karine Claassens will portray dozens of other people of colour. They talk about the racism they have experienced and still do, and the impact those experiences have had on them. Women and men, young and old, living in Flemish villages and cities, with roots in Afghanistan, Burundi, China, Congo, Egypt, Haïti, Morocco, Rwanda, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Vietnam and South Sudan. They offer an insight in their hearts, often for the first time. This paves the way towards open and authentic testimonies. Powerful and fragile at the same time, often emotional, sometimes angry or awkward, occasionally surprisingly funny, and always captivating.

Experts Naima Charkaoui, Ama Kissi and Olivia U. Rutazibwa will place these testimonies in a broader social, historical and psychological context.

What drives people to treat others in a racist way? Hatred? Fear? Ignorance? One thing can be certain: we’re not talking about bad apples here. We need to take a look at the tree.

“Can we please make this series mandatory to watch in our schools?”

De Morgen

“Karine Claassen deserves all the praise for the way she shows society's true colours.”



Best Documentary (TV-series)