In Flanders, one in four people sooner or later needs psychological help. More than a million Flemish people are in treatment for depression or burnout. Never have so many people sought comfort in therapy or coaching.





Therapy is a series that looks inside the intimate space of the therapist and his client. Seasons 1 and 2 ran in 2019 and 2022 on Canvas. Currently, season 3 is in full preparation.

In the new season, several therapists will again open the door of their consulting room for us. Some faces will be familiar from the last season, but we will also see a number of new faces at work, both younger people and therapists with a lot of experience. Unmanned cameras record the sessions with the clients, letting them see into the depths of their souls.

We also get to know the world of the therapists themselves: how do they process the sessions, what do they take home and how do they go about their work? They open up not only their therapy space, but also themselves and their experience.

In the third season – as in season 2 – a number of celebrities take a seat in front of the camera to talk openly about their therapy experiences. Therapy gives an insight into the world of psychotherapy and the struggles and desires in our own lives.