Sunday the 9th

A feature film by Kat Steppe

Director & script

Kat Steppe


Paradiso Filmed Entertainment


In postproduction



Press photo

Kirs Dewitte



Sunday the 9th is a unique feature film about brothers Horst and Franz Vandamme who see each other again after 30 years. Horst would almost forget, how painful their past has been…

Josse De Pauw (The Twelve, The Chapel, Patrick) and Peter Van den Begin (King of The Belgians, The Twelve, Tabula Rasa, 1985) perform the roles of the two brothers. Other key roles are played by Frank Lammers (Undercover, Ferry), Kristien De Proost (Ritual), Yoann Blanc (1985, La trêve) and Edwige Bailly (Pandore, La trêve).

When shooting the film, director Kat Steppe (Taboo, The Vatican) combined the fictional story with her penchant for documentary. Thus, she moved to an authentic arena for the shoot: the revolving Residential Care Centre OLV Antwerp, where people with Alzheimer’s disease live and each of them plays a role in the film.

Sunday the 9th is a production by Panenka with the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) in a co-production with Dutch Isabella Films. The film was made with the support of Screen Flanders, Creative Europe, Eurimages, VRT1, Streamz, Proximus, Torino Filmlab, the Dutch Film Fund, the Dutch Production Incentive and the Belgian Tax Shelter. The film will be distributed by Paradiso Filmed Entertainment in Belgian cinemas in 2025.