Keep Calm!

Nerve-wracking game show with Tom Lenaerts.

A game where the winner will not only have to master the opposition, but also themselves.




Game Show



Keep calm! Every quizmaster in the world has repeated this phrase endlessly to his contestants. But those words have never meant more than they have here.

In the nerve-wracking game show Keep Calm!, contestants not only need to know a lot, they also have to keep their nerves under control. Throughout the game, their stress levels are measured in real time: the calmer they keep, the more points they score.

After three rounds of classic trivia questions and three thrilling face-offs, one single contestant remains in the game. He must face the ultimate challenge, The Mindfuck. He is simultaneously given two questions: one question is asked out loud while the other question appears on a screen.

Only by answering ten of those coupled questions correctly in one hundred seconds, the contestant wins the cash prize. Only one rule applies: no matter how much you know, keep calm!

With its innovative way of measuring stress in real time and its unique combination of suspense, humour and knowledge, Keep Calm! is the first game show of the next generation.