In Other News, Today

A news, talk and quiz show with a live finale





In this daily quiz, the host puts the knowledge of the current affairs of that day of three well-known people to the test. The Oscars, the Tour de France or the French presidential elections: what do we actually know about these items? The three quizzers do not play for the honour or for themselves, but for… the viewers at home!

They don’t play against each other, but together. In four rounds with questions about what happened that day in the world, they collect as much money as possible. And every day, every viewer has a chance to win this prize.

During each episode, viewers can register via the broadcasters’ platform to cash in on the prize money.

Just before the final, the flying reporter rings the bell of the selected viewer of the day. Together they follow the final from their living room, ready to celebrate if the viewers win – or to comfort the viewer if they lose.

If the quizzers lose the final, the money goes on to the next day,  where another viewer has the chance to win again.