2016 (S1) – 2022 (S7)



Since the summer of 2016 no one has come up with a valid reason not to stay home watching Switch, the first quiz show in the world (we checked) without points.

The same five opponents battle each other over five daily episodes. During the game, their position indicates their ranking. At the end of every round, the contestant in the last place drops out. But no worries, if you leave in fifth place on Monday, you’ll start Tuesday’s episode off in first place. Correct answers move you up the ranking. The candidate who holds that first place by the end of the episode, plays the thrilling final and has a chance to win the cash prize of 1000 euros.

The first season kicked off with a solid 32% market share in the first week, spectacularly growing over the last week to an average share of 41%. Three weeks into the first run, a second season was commissioned. A few years down the line, season 8 airs this summer.

Switch recently got a remake in the USA.