Winteruur is back, and so are the articulate Wim Helsen, his loyal sidekick Ighor, refreshing guests and remarkable texts






With its touching, hilarious and intriguing moments, the first season of the minimalist show Winteruur surprised both lovers and haters of the written word. Eight years later, the eighth season was broadcasted in the winter of 2023.

Wim asks his guests to bring a short text with them that is meaningful, influential or inspirational to them in one way or another. This can be an excerpt from a book, a text that accompanies the birth of a child or the loss of a beloved person, wedding vows, a poem, a quote from the Bible, a part of a speech, song lyrics, a statement as seen on a wall or a newspaper article.

Wim probes into the reasons behind the laboriously picked text. What do they read from it and what does it mean to them? Is it offering comfort, fresh energy and inspiration? Does it make them laugh or do they get touched by it? A short conversation, lasting ten minutes only. Winteruur stands for simplicity and restriction. Ighor the dog overhears the conversation in silence.

Why Winteruur? Because everybody has got this one text that influenced or inspired their lives. Because the care for text and guest arises joy, emotion and insight. Because a conversation makes us consider the world in a different manner. And because everybody likes watching a dog.

For the eighth season, Wim has once again chosen his guests very carefully. People who stand out, who tickle his imagination, who inspire or challenge him. And they are manifold. Comedians, writers, poets, theatre practitioners, artists by all means. On top of that there will also be scientists, musicians, managers, architects, sports stars, intriguing tv personalities and politicians.