The Highest Bid

Take a room. Fill it with people. Put a trophy in the middle of the room and sell it to the highest bidder. The game of bidding and outbidding can start.


Annelies De Ceulaer







In The Highest Bid, the auctioneers of the most diverse Flemish auction houses give us a glimpse inside their world. The only place where King Baudouin’s oldtimer is sold right next to the Chinese vase that your grandmother kept in her kitchen for forty years.

The auctioneers let us take a look behind the scenes of the game that is auctioning. What happens before the hammer hits the wood? Do they get used to the high prices? How do you grow an instinct to recognise counterfeits? The world of auctioning is a place where exceptional lots are sold by exceptional auctioneers, where the highest bid always wins. A story about beautiful artefacts and the will to win.