The Vatican




Kat Steppe


Jo Badisco, Wannes Peremans & Rik Torfs



International distribution

Federation Studios



It is no secret that the world’s largest religious organisation faces new and major social challenges. In The Vatican, a docuseries of six episodes (52′), professor Rik Torfs (Canon Law, KU Leuven) takes stock of the Catholic Church in the 21st century.

In The Vatican, Rik Torfs talks to the Church’s most senior insiders, but also to passionate and well-informed non-ordained Catholics. Together, they reflect on the role and influence of the Vatican and of pope Francis in the world and in our history.

But the Vatican is also a world unto itself. Cardinals, bishops and other clerics may seem somewhat elevated above worldly life, but is this true? Do cardinals really wrestle with fundamentally different issues and problems from all of us? After all, aren’t they just people of flesh and blood too?

Professor Torfs exposes the human side of the Vatican, exploring whether and how the Catholic Church manages to adapt to a world in change.